During the Puistofiesta, a stage rises in the central square of Hämeenpuisto boulevard, offering a versatile program for all ages. Magician Long performs in English. Welcome to enjoy the performances!


11 am ‒ 11.05 am The host Simo Frangén opens the event
11.05 am ‒ 11.45 am Music duo Höpinätötterö
12 noon ‒ 1 pm Tampere Tramway celebrations
1.15 pm ‒1.45 pm The National Defense Band of Häme (MPK)
2 pm ‒ 2.20 pm Magician Long
2.35 pm ‒ 2.55 pm  Boys’ choir Pirkanpojat
3.20 pm ‒ 3.55 pm  Darlingbee band
3.58 pm ‒ 4.00 pm The event closes

A black-and-white image of Simo Frangén looking excited at the camera.

Simo Frangén

Simo Frangén has written 30 books alone or together with others, executed about 1800 radio programs and approximately 500 TV programs.

Frangén has been awarded the Venla award,
two Telvis-awards and three TV Personality of the Year trophies.
He has been chosen the "Tampere Person of the Year" three times, after which he was excluded as too superior
from the competition and was named "Ikitamperelainen", a forever Tampere Person of the Year.

This year, Simo is hosting the Puistofesta for the twelfth time.

The duo holds their instruments and look at the camera.


Höpinätöttörö is a children's music duo whose witty show serves fun and humor for the whole family. The songs feature, among other things, fast rally cars, delicious sandwiches and the Nestori worm. Janne Laurila (guitar & vocals) and Joonas Keskinen (double bass & vocals) sing and play in the orchestra, who come up with all kinds of fun!

The orchestra plays their instruments.

The National Defense Band of Häme (MPK)

The National Defense Bands are ensembles formed from amateur brass bands active in different parts of Finland, which work under the guidance of the National Defense Training Association and perform at various events. The mission of national defense bands is to support the maintenance and development of Finns' positive national defense attitude through music.

The repertoire of the MPK Häme band consists of traditional military music, entertainment music arranged for a large brass band, and dance music. Kasperi Kotimäki is the conductor of MPK Häme's orchestra at the Puistofiesta event.

The band play at the stage.


Listeners and critics have described Darlingbee's music as follows, among other things: like one catchy chorus, airy ringing, beautiful and smoothly progressing, attractively overlapping pop, folk and indie interpretations, fresh and ambitious.

Magician Long shows a card in his hand.

Magician Long

He's short but his name is Long! Long Nguyen comes from a faraway land (Hanoi, Vietnam) to share some magic in Puistofiesta with you. Get ready to have some fun and experience modern twists in the classics of magic. Long is also the Finnish champion in close-up magic in 2023. You might catch him doing close-up magic for some groups so feel free to join. Magician Long performs in English.

Boys stand in a line looking up into the camera.

Pirkanpojat Boy's Choir

Pirkanpojat Boys’ Choir is one of the most significant music societies for boy choristers in Finland. Since its founding in 1970, the choir has offered traditional choral education for young singers throughout the Pirkanmaa region. Over 70 boys and young men participate in the choir community, from pre-school level to college.

The choir’s repertoire includes large works of sacred music, opera, contemporary and Finnish music as well as pop songs and jazz. Pirkanpojat works in collaboration with Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra and Tampere Conservatoire. As an independent society, Pirkanpojat performs actively, both domestically and internationally, with its director Jouni Rissanen.

The choir receives notable funding from Tampere City and Tampere Parishes.